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We believe a well-planned trip has the power to shape who we are, inspire new ideas, dissolve barriers, and infuse love back into life through lasting connections. MIRA Travel Co. is a  Boston-based affiliate of TRAVELLUSTRE, and made up of partners from around the globe, working together on bespoke and comprehensive itineraries that provide access to exclusive accommodations, great service, peace of mind, and ungoogleable experiences.

Meet Your Travel Designer


After a fulfilling career in brand and digital marketing, Tara founded MIRA Travel Co., drawing inspiration from her personal wonder cultivated through lifelong travel. Raised in Newton, Massachusetts by a fine wine buyer mom and history buff dad, she learned at an early age that travel has a profound impact on who we are.


With a commitment to ensuring each journey feels undeniably rewarding from start to finish, there’s no greater joy for Tara than hearing how a well-planned trip can feel transformative for her clients. She prioritizes getting to know her clients to understand their unique preferences and building trust so she can help them make decisions instead of getting lost in the endless amount of online reviews, forums, and social media content.


Tara’s vacation must-haves are hotels with a sense of place, at least one activity that takes her out of her comfort zone, amazing food and wine, and a tub in her bathroom.

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Our Promise

1. Service We'd Love.png

Provide the Service We Would Love to Receive

Give thoughtful, transparent advice, build strong relationships, and provide high-touch service.

2. Dissolve_Barriers.png

Dissolve Barriers

Increase awareness of new cultures, break down biases, and mold a better mindset.

3. Inspire_Discovery.png

Inspire Discovery

Encourage our clients to explore something new as we also push our team to challenge the norm when creating itineraries.

Behind the Brand

When choosing a name, we wanted to lean into a prevalent emotion felt while traveling. MIRA stems from the Latin word admirari, meaning wonder.

Secondary meanings for mira include: to look, peaceful, amazing, beautiful, helpful, and even female ruler—all which inspire the mission of MIRA Travel Co.

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Our brand mark is based on the Eurasian Magpie; widely considered one of the world's most intelligent creatures—one of the few non-mammalian species able to recognize itself in a mirror test. Particularly well known for their songs, the Magpie is a creature that embodies wonder and peaceful leadership, much like our brand name.

Some of My Favorite Travel Photos

Let the Journey Begin

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