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MIRA Travel Co. is  a proud member of the Virtuoso network and is a Forbes travel guide-endorsed agency, as an affiliate of TRAVELLUSTRE.

Why Work With Us

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Experience and Creativity

You have Tara and a team of partners across the globe using our combined expertise to creatively plan bespoke trips that cannot be duplicated. Every hotel has been vetted so you don’t have to worry about taking chances on that hotel or experiences you’ve just read reviews online about.

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We take privacy seriously and want to have an authentic relationship. All MIRA Travel Co. team members sign a confidentiality contract and your information is always secure and protected.

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Pricing & Fee Structure

We know each trip is different and our pricing structure reflects that. After our consultation call, we’ll present three tiers of service and you pick which best suits your needs.

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Client Centricity

We want to make this a 5-star experience for you, not your neighbor. We invest time in getting to know what the “best trip ever” will feel like for you and we will not settle for anything less.


We also have your back throughout the entire process. That means pre-travel, in-travel, and post-travel. Our team is working in the background to ensure things are going smoothly and are available to answer any questions.

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Most of our clients are ultra-busy and free time is few and far between. We would prefer you use your time in ways you love instead of spending countless hours trying to make sense of online reviews, hashtags, blogs, and forums. 

Similar to how you have a financial advisor, personal trainer, or lawyer, we want to be your go-to resource to plan upcoming trips and long-term strategies to help you achieve your bucket list travel goals.

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MIRA Travel Co. is a member of Virtuoso, a global, by-invitation-only network of luxury travel agencies and advisors, as well as the world's top luxury hotels and location destination partners. As a member, we are able to use industry connections and deliver even better value and customized service. All clients receive welcome amenities, complimentary breakfast, property credits, and more when booking a Virtuoso partner through us.

Responsible Travel

We believe in travel as a force for good: Responsible travel preserves cultural heritage, protects the planet, and supports local economies. 


Through our partners around the globe, we provide access to meaningful experiences in the best of the world’s natural settings, cities, and cultures. Our founder also has a professional background working in green energy and sustainable agriculture tech.


MIRA Travel Co. is committed to helping travelers explore the planet responsibly in a way that protects the places they love for future generations to come.

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Tropical Beach

"With what feels like zero free time, I definitely do not have time to plan a well thought out trip abroad. Working with Tara on our trip to Europe was so easy and fun. She has a pulse on the best restaurants, museums, sights, and off the beaten path activities that I would have never found myself. Every detail was seamless and I can’t wait to work with her on my next adventure.”

Let the Journey Begin

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